mold for shaping plastic

CNC 5-axis machining

  • Production of model equipment for foundries
    • molds for vacuum forming of plastics
    • hoofs for laminate forms
  • We also provide machining of wood, MDF, plastics and aluminum and other soft metals, expanded polystyrene and polypropylene

Machinery equipment

Quality work is ensured by the compact 5-axis machining center of the Sahos company type: DYNAMIC with rich accessories and very quick adaptation to other types of material.

This machining center has a HEIDENHAIN ITNC 530 control system:

working stroke of axis X2900 Y1500 Z800

Furthermore, a 3-axis machining center

SAHOS companies type: Sprint This machining center has a LINUX CNC control system:

working stroke of axis X2600 Y1100 Z500